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Periodontist in Cincinnati, Milford Ohio

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Education and Experience

Dr. Silverstein (who patients refer to as Scott) received his undergraduate degree from the University of Texas and earned his Dental Degree at the University of Texas Dental Branch at Houston. Experiencing all phases of dentistry, his passion evolved immensely when he discovered his love for the field of Periodontics.

While he was interested in the technical and scientific aspects of the specialty, the close interactions, relationship building, and the opportunity to provide individuals with a feeling of comfort and trust were the areas he found most appealing. Nonetheless, all aspects of the specialty captured his core, and he knew that his passion for periodontics could, and would prove, to positively impact numerous lives throughout the course of his career. It was then that he decided his path was that of Periodontics.

Providing Quality Treatment & Exceptional Patient Care

Upon completing his dental degree at the University of Texas, Dr. Silverstein received specialty training in Periodontics at the University of Kentucky. He completed his specialty residency in 1989 and was awarded a Master of Science in Dentistry. Subsequently, Dr. Silverstein relocated to Milford, Ohio where he began his private practice and introduced the Ohio Valley Center for Periodontics & Implants. Dr. Silverstein has dedicated his life and career to the dental and overall wellness of his patients, and the heartening model in which his practice is structured. He surrounds himself with a team of highly trained and compassionate individuals and provides contemporary treatment in a comfortable and tranquil setting.

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His creative mind has led to practice innovations that are uncommon for surgical specialists. He devotes much time to continuing education and professional development. As a clinical instructor at the University of Cincinnati AEGD Program (Advanced Education in General Dentistry), Dr. Silverstein mentors newly graduated dentists to increase their knowledge of periodontal and implant procedures. In addition, he provides educational opportunities to local area dentists and dental hygienists to create foundations for those clinicians to achieve optimal treatment outcomes for their patients. Furthermore, to create such an atmosphere, his practice is fully equipped with the most advanced digital and state-of-the-art technology, using intra-oral scanners, which replace conventional impressions, and 3-dimensional model scanning and printing. This highly integrated use of technology sets his practice apart from other surgical specialists, being one of the very few practices in the country to offer a full scope of digital dentistry.

In 2017, Dr. Silverstein launched an elite full-service on-site dental laboratory – Collaborative Dental Laboratory Services. He delivers opportunities to create customizable smiles and restorations and offers unparalleled support to restorative doctors, as requested. He has demonstrated tremendous success with his patients’ treatment outcomes, as well as inspired tremendous treatment success among his colleagues. With his on-site full-service dental laboratory and his private practice collaborating daily, he encourages his colleagues to observe a wide range of his services and surgeries. He is a highly regarded and reputable mentor to several of his colleagues and fellow specialists.

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