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Several methods of anesthesia are available. The method of anesthesia that is chosen for, or by a patient depends upon the nature of the surgical procedure and the patient’s level of apprehension. The following table illustrates the options of anesthesia available for your procedure. 

  • Types of Anesthesia
  • Method Local Anesthetic
    Description of Technique The patient remains totally conscious throughout the procedure. A local anesthetic is administered in the area where the surgery is to be performed. Local anesthetic is always provided and used in conjunction can be used with other methods of anesthesia.
    Usual Indications A driver is not required for a local anesthetic.
  • Method Nitrous Oxide (N2O)
    Description of Technique A mixture of Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) and Oxygen is administered through a nasal breathing apparatus. The patient remains conscious while in a relaxed condition. Nitrous Oxide has a sedative and analgesic (pain-controlling) effect. 
    When used alone, a driver is not needed when Nitrous Oxide is used.
  • Combination Non-IV Sedation
    The patient has usually prescribed a pre-sedative medication which is taken prior to the surgical procedure. This medication provides a pain-controlling effect and once ingested, may cause drowsiness. This level of sedation is oftentimes used in combination with Nitrous Oxide for added relaxation and comfort. In some cases, a patient may elect to use only the pre-sedative pill for their procedure.
    Usual Indications A driver is always required for Combination Non-IV Sedation.
  • IV Conscious Sedation
    Commonly referred to as a “twilight” style sedation. Medications are administered through an intravenous line (I.V.). The patient usually falls asleep and is unaware of the procedure being performed. A combination of medications can be used. Supplemental oxygen is available and delivered if needed, and the patient’s vital signs are closely monitored at all times. In most cases, the patient will want to sleep several hours after the procedure.
    A driver is always required for IV Conscious Sedation.

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